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14 Minutes Worth Watching for Elephants

I came across a new short documentary yesterday about the roots of the ivory trade. Similar to what I am working on with The Elephant Project, the film explores the underlying causes of poaching and the challenging problem of addressing … Continue reading

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Naturestage’s Salon Series in 2014 Kicks Off With Matt Glover Wednesday February 26

Our salon series is off and running in the Naturestage studio with the first concert/presentation the incredible Matt Glover playing  a 60-minute Trip Around the World (on Mandolin) followed by a brief presentation by Miranda Loud on the state of … Continue reading

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Parallels between a Town in Connecticut and the Ivory Trade in China

This article was shared by Melissa Groo to the elephant listserv, and I am copying it here because it is so important a viewpoint. To follow the author, Richard Conniff, on twitter: @RichardConniff     Does the Solution to Elephant … Continue reading

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Some encouraging news of ivory arrests in China

Xiamen customs smash HK$767m ivory smuggling ring (China) (Copied from the listserv of consolidated elephant news run by Melissa Groo) South China Morning Post 06 November, 2013 Customs officials in Xiamen have smashed a transcontinental smuggling ring responsible for illegally importing almost 12 … Continue reading

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New York City’s Ivory Sellers, Alive and Well

This is copied from the article on the Elephant Listserv run by Melissa Groo. To see the link an the photos, click here The Big Ivory Apple An illegal market has not, as advertised, gone out of business. By Daniel Stiles, … Continue reading

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Good Uses of Drones to Help Elephants

Good Uses of Drones to Help Elephants Some good news finally on the elephant front!

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